I am always positive and excited and full of energy and sometimes I need to recharge my batteries and have some ‘downtime’ or ‘me’ time. Watch movies, do mindless things, relax, not think too much.  My brain is constantly on the go and I’m either organising something, popping to the gym or doing something I like to just stop and have some time to reflect.

It’s very healthy to keep that balance in life otherwise we will burn the candles at both ends, get in touch with some YOU time this week or weekend and take some time to forget about all your problems…. paint… draw…. read…..listen to music whatever it is that calms you and soothes your soul. I have a motivational video that I am excited to share with you guys and I hope it makes your day.

So many different things have happened over the past week which I will be happy to share with you guys over the next few days. I will be starting my new job tomorrow…. WISH ME LUCK ….

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L.A. …. you got me!

I don’t even know where to begin… I have fallen in love with this city…. it’s warm the sun is always shining and palm trees everywhere! Luxury beyond belief and Americans are so friendly! It’s so sad but when I hear an english accent I get a little excited (how sad.) I have been so busy and have done so many things… I have eaten at so many different places… hardly had time to go to the gym and just exploring with my camera. I am trying to absorb LA in a short period of time so I think I will have to C come back and do all the things I want without feeling rushed. DSC08604


I went to Melrose to check out a few of the shops and found quite a few random vintage boutiques. I could literally spend a day driving around taking pictures of street art. If you know any cool places for street art in LA leave me a message and I will check it out!






I love how everyone in this town is trying to hustle for their own career…. in London I am surrounded by the run of the mill jobs… in LA people are trying to explore their dreams …. it’s very refreshing. I think living in LA could improve my health… great sunshine….. no stress and enjoying life as it comes! DSC08572



I saw this sign on a park bench and had to stop and take a picture…. in London I feel like everything is a rush… I have to go to work… I get an hour lunch break… it’s raining… I have to do this this and this.. the trains are late… I want to live my life not just exist you know!!! Stop thinking about time and take control and do what you want to do. Life is so short… i hope whatever you do you are happy and making the most out of your life! Enjoy yourself, be happy, try new things…… stop caring what others think and DO YOU!!!!! DSC08617




I think I have to give it up to LA and their street art….. geez… whoever made this hifive!



So I went to Runyon after shopping…. it was so much harder than I expected. I am a gym bunny…. I normally do interval training on the treadmill but going up hill was a killer! It was such a beautiful view and it was so hot…. in LA everyone is working out…. everyone is health conscious and I think it’s much easier to live and lead a healthier lifestyle when everyone around you is on the same vibe.

photo-29Keep updated on the blog….. I will have new bits on youtube and instagram over the next few days! I am in love with you LA!

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L.A. Monochrome

What a beautiful view… there is so much to do and see in L.A I don’t know where to start. This week I have been shown around Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and a few other areas….. over the next week I need to become super organised Skeena and plan the next week! I want to show a few of my outfits off… so we came to the top of the Hollywood Hills to get the best shots! DSC08450


Remember it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it….. my style changes due to my mood and I don’t like to follow trends but rather introduce them into my style! My wardrobe is my canvas and I will be painting it however I like…. don’t be a sheep and always add your own twist to the current styles and trends on the highstreet! I went for a laid back all black leather look.



My necklace is from Innaya Couture… check them out on instagram they have some amazing pieces and their jewellery is so intricate and beautiful…. one of my favourite brands! DSC08490



My tee is from Forever 21 and my little pleated skirt is from Primark! My cute sunglasses are from Warehouse… they do great accessories and clothes!



I am loving my time in L.A at the moment …. I feel very relaxed which is rare… normally my brain is calculating what I need to do over the next week because I am so busy! Trying to live the relaxed LA lifestyle is pretty interesting…. I will be uploading new bits over the next few days and keep your eyes peeled!

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So LA is amazing……

I have been to many different cities in my life and I am use to the buzz of London and NYC… LA is so chilled and relaxed… the fashion is very laid back and the people are happy and taking each day as it comes! I feel like this is where the ‘American Dream’ actually becomes a reality for a majority of people!

As a fashionista my love is based on the big capital cities like Paris… Milan…. NYC etc…. but this place is ‘downtime’ for me to get some inspiration and get my zen back on point!

 I arrived on Tuesday with a bang… I tried to trick my body into thinking it wasn’t jet lagged and crashed out that evening and missed out on Pizza. I am staying in Beverly Hills and what can I say … it’s luxury beyond belief and so beautiful! i am very grateful to be here and a happy bunny! DSC08417

I love the weather and apparently it’s not even warm… in the new year I want to go travelling and the majority of stops will be warm places! I think stop number one will have to be Dubai to get a tan and then I might pop back here…..  I want to explore the street art around the city and be a complete tourist and go straight to Hollywood! Maybe I am a snob but I feel that Europeans have the best dress sense (not that I am bias or anything…. he he )…. but LA is bringing me luxury and I am hopefully bringing them some sort of style! DSC08393

I am attempting to vlog some of my time here… l have to admit I am eating everything and after this post I will be popping to the gym to burn everything that I ate. Yesterday I had IN N OUT burgers…. oh my goodness they were so good and there is a secret menu? I had animal chips which is chips with cheese and this secret sauce! Last night we went to Maestro which is this super cool Steak Place… and as the little celebrity spotter that I am…… we were sitting next to Queen Latifya and Toni Braxton…. so random but pretty cool! DSC08395

The boy took me around LA …. we popped into LACMA which was amazing….IMG_1908

We went to the top of the Hollywood Hills to take some pictures of my outfit… this will be on the next post!DSC08455

For breakfast I had silver dollar pancakes…. with super berries! NOM NOM NOM!IMG_1898



We had IN N OUT burger…. I have to say it was possibly the best burger I have had….IMG_1918

DSC08447 I will be posting lost of photos over the next few days and attempting to VLOG which will be up when I am back! … Check out my instagram for daily updates!

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LA Bound

It’s 2am… I have to be up in 3 hours and I have decided to blog….. Geez I know I am going to regret this in the morning but I can’t sleep… I don’t know if it’s excitement or the fact that I am trying to train my body into thinking that I am already in LA so I won’t become jet lagged…… I personally feel this is a stupid idea and I will be exhausted when I reach the airport! Anyway I am actually calling out to all my followers to find out if you have been to LA? Anything you would recommend that I should do … any places I should eat (I’m not fussy I love all types of food)… I will be armed with my camera and full of excitement so please leave comments below!


I will be posting my daily outfits and random pics that I love in LA on my instagram and will be updating my blog as much as possible…. I will attempt to make a VLOG of me running around and general things I find! I am excited…. this is the beginning of my travels… next year inshallah I will be travelling all over the world! EEEKKK.. It’s scary but if we don’t step out of our comfort zone we will never push our limits and see what we can really achieve! Next year I want to go to a yoga retreat and do early morning yoga while the sun rises…… during my trip I want to go to the zoo…. I have a thing for zoo’s…. for some reason they make me really happy!


Sometimes we forget to let go off the past and look into the future… who knows what your future holds but it should excite you! I use to plan plan plan and plan again until the point that I would stress myself before things would even happen… now I am taking a back seat to some things and just going with the flow… who knows next year I could be living in Dubai … working in China… I am a free spirit and want to fly like a bird… as silly as that may sound I don’t have anything holding me down! Don’t just exist … make sure your are living… listen sometimes we have our bad days but we can’t appreciate the highs without living the lows! Enjoy the bumps in the road and don’t take it too seriously… whatever is meant to be will be! Have faith and keep going!


I will have to keep this short and sweet and the next time we speak I will be in L.A. inshallah!


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Have you ever noticed in life that everything happens all at once…..sometimes it becomes so overwhelming… as much as I love to embrace new things… I like to take my time to adjust but I notice in my life it all happens at the same time and everything is up in the air and I have a mini panic…. I haven’t been myself this week but I am getting back to normal. I feel that when I share my thoughts on here it feels like therapy…. When someone else reads this and they message me saying that they have the same outlook in life or have been in the same situation… I’m like FINALLY…. someone understands me!


So I have been off for over a week… relaxing… planning my little videos and figuring out my life plans and goals! This is very overwhelming but it’s good to start writing down your dreams. You have to think big to get big… even if sometimes they seem so far away it’s better to start somewhere. I think to myself…. do I want to work for someone else and live out their dreams or try and make my own dreams come true! What is your dream job? How can you make that happen? Sometimes you have to do something you love… and have faith it will fall into place!


Yesterday was one of my besties birthdays so we treated her for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants Novikov… It was super yummy and LJ decided to order frogs legs…. and all night she kept saying ‘it tastes like chicken’…. I felt bad… I recently watched the disney film ‘The Frog Princess’… and it made my heart sink! Poor little froggies!


I am still not 100% here but slowly getting there… I thought I should share some of the fun pictures of the past week! Sometimes it’s just great to catch up with the girls… talk about all our silly memories and catch up on the weekly gossip. There is nothing better than girl time.


For dessert we had three… the chocolate fondant which is ridiculous… the banana crumble with toffee ice cream and then the passion fruit parfait! I could happily eat dessert any time of the day … but this is a dangerous life I lead… the more dessert I eat the more time I have to spend in the gym!

Lj and I drinking out cocktails… well mine is a mocktail! Yummmmm! IMG_1419

Last week I casually met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…. my brother and I were obsessed with them… this is where our love of pizza came from! IMG_1479

This week I also filmed my skin care routine which will be up next week! Have you seen my new video Keeping it Real on youtube?


This week me and my person trainer took out some anger on the pads… I actually really like boxing! I think I will start taking up boxerise in my gym! It looks like a lot of fun and a great way to to burn lots of calories! IMG_1518

I have also been testing out a few halloween make up looks……. any requests guys? This was my attempt at the cheshire cats from Alice and Wonderland… Stay tuned as I have quite a few tricks up my sleeves for this Halloween!

IMG_1430Overall guys… I hope I feel better soon… I guess we all go through a few little hiccups in our times.. it’s how we rise after we fall that makes us into the people we are today… Don’t forget to subscribe to youtube peeps!

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